When a company switches payroll providers, they usually have payrolls and taxes to report from before they started using Gusto.

If they don't report them, we can't create accurate tax filings because we don't know what we don't know. 

If a customer did let us know, it was usually via spreadsheet, which meant hours of manual data entry from our CX teams. 


By automating this task, we could significantly reduce our labor costs while increasing the accuracy of customers' tax filings. 

Investing in the automation would open up our CX team to help customers with other needs. 

Accurate tax filings directly leads to higher NPS and customer retention. 


I designed a flow that allowed customers to report historical, external payrolls. They'd also be able to let us know which taxes they paid, and which they wanted Gusto to pay so that everything was reconciled moving forward. 

This solution required close partnership with our tax operation teams, CX, compliance, and engineering to make sure we could confidently display tax liabilities and help the customer understand what still needs to be paid.