Benefits may sound like a luxury, but sometimes they're mandated. 

Problem: Some states require companies to offer retirement savings plans depending on the amount of employees they have. To customers, this looks like an upsell. 

How might we drive adoption while we: 

  1. Educate customers about new requirements, 
  2. Promote a preferred partner, and 
  3. Present other options so the customer doesn't feel trapped

Opportunity: By partnering with Guideline, we had an opportunity to unlock a significant revenue stream. We also had an opportunity to fulfill our promise to customers that we'd help keep them compliant.

Solution: Education + Browsing. The last thing we want to do is back people into a corner and force them to make uneducated decisions. By providing upfront information about the requirements and deadlines, we could introduce options without appearing too pushy. Designing each option with a standard visualization allowed us to explain the advantages of each option and how it differed from the others.

I created a standard component for presenting partnerships and what type of information to highlight. Using this as a template, our team could create consistent experiences across states, regardless of when it was implemented. 

As a result, Product and Content Design wouldn't need to be heavily involved each time states passed these regulations or when we partnered with new administrators.