Peruse some projects for a glimpse of my craft and style.

Writing guides

As a content designer, I'm consulted often by UX designers about UI copy. Creating guides to empower others is a passion of mine. The target audience varies—some guides are for everyone's consumption, while others target specific use cases with our customers. Take a look!

Content Design / UX Writing

Changing health coverage

The American health insurance industry is a nightmare I've spent many years simplifying. This project focused on how an end user would first determine their eligibility, then change their insurance outside of Open Enrollment on their own, without needing to contact our CX team.

Choosing retirement plans

Some states require companies to offer retirement savings plans based on their size. To customers, this looks like an upsell. The goal of this project was to help keep our customers compliant by educating them on their responsibilities while presenting them with approachable options.

Requesting electronic consent

To deliver federal tax forms electronically, the IRS requires employers to get consent from their employees. Otherwise, snail mail is required. The goal of this project was to explain all that without losing people, and get them to opt-in so we could fulfill our compliance promise.